Creative Thinker • Entrepreneur
Designer • Coder • Educator

I love what I do.

This quality benefits your results.

Who is Maria Gosur?

I am a creative web and graphic designer who loves to learn, grow, inspire, succeed, and help others do the same through my work in visual communications. My creative work is also my passion, and this quality produces client relationships and results unmatched by competitor designers and larger companies.

With reputable skills in print, web, and other multimedia, I have the skills needed to create the entire brand package. With efficient communication skills, a strong network of professionals, and attention to only the best design process practice, I produce accurate results geared specifically to your project needs.

A name with experience.

I carry experience in diverse areas of design, business, and education. An independent web and graphic designer since 2005, I have been providing creative services to many organizations, school systems, and design groups.

My various project experiences have led me to a full-time web designer/developer position where I currently work within the Marketing and Advancement department at Schoolcraft College. I have also taught courses at Schoolcraft College in Computer Graphics Technology in addition to Digital Media Design courses at Baker College of Auburn Hills. I too continue to share my expertise with multiple volunteer groups, classrooms, organizations, and advisory committees.

Lastly, I founded Creative Seed, a design group that caters to branding and design, web development, and other services related to design learning coming in the near future.

Community values.

In addition to learning, I stay connected with the community and volunteer my creative services, mentorship, and time for many organizations , committees, and my own personal social impact ventures. It doesn't take much to make a difference and produce overwhelmingly positive results, and volunteer work continues to teach me this.

What can I create for you?

Design is about striking an emotion that inspires a thought, an action, and a moment worth remembering. It’s about connecting to the audience in such a way in which the purposeful composition, interactivity, and overall message surprises their thoughts with a unique, communicative understanding. I love creating the vision that creates this moment.

What can I create for you? Let’s get started.

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