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I Keep Striving

I keep growing.

Goals with Purpose.

I like to set goals and achieve them. My goals are simple, real, and I'd like to share them with you because I don't think goals should be kept a secret. In no particular order, this is what I am striving to achieve. If you are able to help me achieve my goals, I'd love to hear from you. In addition, I welcome hearing about your own goals. Let's achieve them together. Send me a message.

Write a Coding Book

I have a variety of book ideas, and I write a lot! However, the primary book project I want to accomplish is one that teaches people how to code HTML and CSS using a straightforward process that is just not taught out there in easy steps. Everyone should have some understanding of basic code today, and I want to show others that you can indeed understand it. As a designer first, I think I can really portray an understanding not currently provided to visual thinkers.

How best can I publish?

Launch My LivWel

I'm working on a project called My LivWel, an online platform that helps people at risk or living with HIV find resources and support. Inspired by difficult experiences, this project is one I'm deeply passionate about–one that keeps me up at night–and I'm determined to make this idea a reality in effort to help others.

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Speak at TED

I have been a TED ( fan for years. Talks have changed my life. Mentorship has personally changed my life, and I want to share why I think this is such an important experience to have. I want to help others become better versions of themselves by sharing what I have learned through various experiences.

How can I get closer to achieving this?


I absolutely love teaching about anything in the creative industry, specifically design and coding. Beyond teaching college classes, I want to write books and articles, and teach workshops to share my love for this work and give others the confidence to do it themselves.

What can I help you learn?

Grow Creative Seed

I want Creative Seed to be more than just a business that does branding, design, and development work. I also want to teach, mentor, and inspire. I'm scoping my plans and seeking out team members who want to do awesome, impactful work.

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Have Purpose & Balance

I want to have an authentic and purposeful career and life–one with value and meaning. I want to wake up each morning energized and excited about the day ahead and go toward it with confidence, strength, and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Do you value this?


My goals are always evolving as I continue to do so as a person, and I know that I cannot meet my goals alone. To my supporters of the past, present, and future days ahead—thank you.

Now I'm curious. What are your goals? How can I help you achieve them?