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Web Site Design

The web continues to grow rapidly, and it's a given today that every business or organization has a site in place. But how does a site stand out against the competition? It's the intuitive design, efficient technology choices, searchable content, and strategic branding that makes your site shine inside and out.

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Print Design

Print media run by our eyes every second of the day, and competition to be seen is always high. Only the pieces that promote an influential attention, interest, and relevant call-to-action through a strong design have a chance in being effective. My work reflects a graphic design with research behind it and an understanding of brand positioning and graphic communication. Whether it's a near or distant view project, I can attract attention with a powerful visual presentation.

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Brand Identity

Brand identity is key to the success of a business. An identity reflects an image, and how you want that image to be seen by your target audience is important. I take great detail in understanding what a brand represents to your organization. All elements of typography, imagery, color, and layout are purposely complemented to create a message that can be noted, understood, and remembered. Let everyone know you exist, and increase the longevity of your brand with purposeful design.

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Illustration can help expand a unique brand. Redundant clip art, stock photography, and template art can contain limitations and send out a careless image. Original illustrations market better because it is created solely for the purpose of the project goals and target audience. My illustration work can vary in visual styles. Whatever the project goals and placement use, my work can contribute in building a strong graphic design presentation.

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